Miles Peacock

Personal ethos? Make learning engaging; challenge and support to aid learning, leave learners with the responsibility for change.  If something needs saying, let’s get it out in the open.

How others describe you? Provides creative and fun activities, generous with time, informal style, adaptable to meet the needs of participants,  Will work with you rather than talk at you.  Pragmatic.

Strengths? A source of ideas, learning design, can build relationships with learners.

Kate Peacock

Personal ethos? Give people choice and the freedom to act, great things can happen.

How others describe you? Pragmatic, outcome focused, challenging and fun loving.

Strengths? Positive, realistic, with the ability to read between the lines for what’s not being said.

Kate Wootton

Kate Wootton

Personal ethos?  Spend the time helping others to help themselves to become stronger and more fulfilled, and it will happen.

How others describe you? Able to really challenge,  effectively.

Strengths?  Seeing bigger picture, pragmatic, curious and focused with a great sense of humour and the ability to bring out energy and enthusiasm in people and teams.


Liz Honer

Liz Honer

Personal ethos? Communication is the key to all relationships – be they work or otherwise. Keep talking to others!

 How others describe you? This tenacious lady loves finding out what makes people tick and helping spread the word about great services available to meet their needs.

Strengths? Adaptability, easy going manner and the way I love life!

Simon Kingsnorth

Simon Kingsnorth

Personal ethos? Work should be fun, challenging and a good experience – we spend too long at it for that not to be so!

How others describe you? Informal, but challenging!

Strengths? Generating ideas, solutions, seeing the bigger picture, making people feel safe.

Sue Raeside

Sue Raeside

Personal ethos? Everyone has something positive to contribute, it’s about creating an environment where people can and want to.

How others describe you? Energetic, open (sometimes too honest) and a people person.

Strengths? Empathic, pragmatic and determined.