Working 1 2 1

Typical assignments have included:

  • Succession planning/talent development in the public sector
  • Mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Sales coaching in engineering
  • Business coaching in the tourism and leisure industry
  • Outplacement support

We work one-to-one, often where time is limited, and the person is facing a unique set of circumstances.  We provide focus and momentum in an environment that is dedicated to that individual.  When working with someone, we can choose a style that is the most appropriate to helping them achieve their outcome.  It might be coaching, mentoring, education, or simply giving feedback.

“I really found that doing the one to one training was of enormous benefit. 

The main areas were:

  • It was focused on my needs alone, so it was tailor made, ever single session was relevant.
  • I didn’t hold back on my thoughts/ideas like I do in group sessions
  • There was no time to day dream or lose concentration”

Gillian Gomersall – Director NRL Group